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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Best Practices - Adopting E-File Best Practices and Confidentiality Management

In law firms, documents are the key output of the service provided, with the client typically owning a large percentage of the documents and email produced. That simple fact, combined with the reality of the hacker threat, is creating tremendous pressure on firms to demonstrate the quality of...

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Diversity and Understanding - Law Department Initiatives and Best Practices

Diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone topic of discussion within organizations today. Topics, such as support for a diverse workforce and aligning with business partners who share diverse offerings in social responsibility is typically front and center, specifically for growing awareness and...

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Focus Search - Department Initiatives and Best Practices

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Employment Matters: Best Practices - How to Be an Effective Manager

This snackable podcast recording focuses on the tools needed to be an effective manager. The discussion will mainly be about effective communication, best approaches to discipline and equal policy implementation. Enjoy! Interviewer: @Lekecia Barclay , Technology Advisor, The Office of Chief...

Employment Matters Best Practices- How to Be an Effective Manager-Diandra Ritchie.mp3

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Successfully Introduce New Practices and Technology by Connie Crosby

Knowledge management directors must typically bring change to make advancements for knowledge workers. "The goal is to improve the firm, make the work more effective and encourage people to share and collaborate." by Connie Crosby #Strategy #audit #questionnaire #model #plan ...

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Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Do's and Don'ts

twitter best practices to help those who are...for someone else's tweet: Best practice...share regarding best practices on twitter

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Best Practices - Preparing for the Future of Law Firm Security

"By fear or by force, law firms are being dragged into the realities of crafting and managing a secure technology environment." "Client audits are an increasing concern to key stakeholders. Compliance issues continue to grow. Internal fears and reputational repercussions from breaches,...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Best Practices - Nine Steps to Good Data Management

"Managing data in a legal environment includes Information Governance, E-Discovery and Cybersecurity. These disciplines are entwined, so law firms should adopt a cohesive plan to ensure data are properly managed, secured and available for review…" By Todd Haley #Security ...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Best Practices - Keep Your Data in the Cloud Safe

"The cloud is everywhere, anywhere and nowhere, and it’s getting harder to prevent people from using unsecure commercial cloud services… Here are some tips on how to keep your data in the cloud safe." By Georg Thomas #bestpractices #InformationGovernanceorCompliance ...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Best Practices - Starting on Network Security Architecture

"No matter how many protective devices and security experts your law firm has, if your network exists on a weak foundation, it is bound to fall when attacked." By Paul Stapleton #Security #ITOperations #bestpractices

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Best Practices - Information Security Communications That Connect

"Law firms typically have voluminous policy documents, often reviewed and rewritten by committees of lawyers… These policies are often written from a compliance perspective." Employees need policies communicated to them in a short and summarized format addressing their need. By Julia...