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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - 2020 Vision: The Genesis of Lawyers? by Ginevra Saylor

"As we approach 2020, the legal profession has witnessed transformative change. Access to the law has become ubiquitous… But is the future for lawyers grim?" by Ginevra Saylor #FutureandEmergingTechnologies #change #FutureFocused #LegalProjectManagement #model ...

Library Entry
Surviving Disruption: KM's Role in the Future Law Firm by Joel Alleyne and Jamila Mather

"KM professionals should start defining their future role as strategic leaders of innovation, spotting trends and equipping their firms with the knowledge and skills to compete and succeed in the emerging future state." by Joel Alleyne and Jamila Mather #adapt #change #client ...

Library Entry
Navigating the Waters of a Job Change by Michele Gossmeyer and Michael Kraft

"Many forces make staying with one firm, company or industry difficult. The economic downturn of 2008 and increased technology efficiencies affected most industries, and legal faces additional pressure from mergers and staffing model changes... Having been through career transitions, we...