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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Maximize Efficiency with Technology-Enabled Workflows by Eric Wangler

"For law firm attorneys, staff and IT departments, there is never enough time in the day to get everything done… Technology-enabled workflows can decrease the time it takes to complete tasks and help firms better prioritize projects and make use of internal resources." by Eric Wangler ...

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On-Premises or SaaS? It Depends on Your Needs by Sue Keno

When moving from an on-premises document management system to a hosted solution, consider cost, deployment, integration, security and investment priorities for a successful transition. by Sue Keno #DMS #checklist #Strategy #host #EnterpriseContentManagement #Security ...

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Offboarding: Managing the Challenge of Attorney Exits by David Malkinson and Ben Weinberger

The "issues around offboarding go hand-in-hand with IT infrastructure, in particular your document management system, email, matter management and data storage." Complying with corporate governance requires a well-managed offboarding process. by David Malkinson and Ben Weinberger ...

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A Recipe for Success: Cooking Up KM from Scratch by Heather Ritchie and Lesha Van Der Bij

Law firm knowledge management has grown since the early '90's. Today it includes "delivering tools and technologies to foster collaboration and sharing, analyzing and improving work processes, and facilitating project management and alternative fee arrangements." by Heather Ritchie and Lesha...

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From Chaos to Order: Alleviating the Pain for Shared Drives by Faron Lyons and Phil Robinson

" With the continued lack of adoption of approved ECM repositories, major concerns exist around the issue of "ECM avoidance." One area where change has been hard to implement is with the elimination of file-shares/shared drives. Users want ease and the freedom to work the way...