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Surviving Disruption: KM's Role in the Future Law Firm by Joel Alleyne and Jamila Mather

"KM professionals should start defining their future role as strategic leaders of innovation, spotting trends and equipping their firms with the knowledge and skills to compete and succeed in the emerging future state." by Joel Alleyne and Jamila Mather #adapt #change #client ...

Library Entry
Is Your Firm Failing at Collections? by Avanthi Masthoff

"For many lawyers, it isn't until they become a partner and are approaching compensation time that they truly realize the complexities of managing the financial aspects of a client relationship." Partners and law firms must develop sound practices for managing clients and collecting receivables....

Library Entry
Clear These Hurdles and Transform New Business Intake by Terry Coan

"At the inception of a client relationship, automation and process improvements can lead to tangible benefits… A more effective new business intake process can propel growth, mitigate risk and ensure new clients align with strategic business and financial objectives of the firm." by Terry Coan...