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Is Your Firm Failing at Collections? by Avanthi Masthoff

"For many lawyers, it isn't until they become a partner and are approaching compensation time that they truly realize the complexities of managing the financial aspects of a client relationship." Partners and law firms must develop sound practices for managing clients and collecting receivables....

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Clear These Hurdles and Transform New Business Intake by Terry Coan

"At the inception of a client relationship, automation and process improvements can lead to tangible benefits… A more effective new business intake process can propel growth, mitigate risk and ensure new clients align with strategic business and financial objectives of the firm." by Terry Coan...

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Surviving Disruption: KM's Role in the Future Law Firm by Joel Alleyne and Jamila Mather

"KM professionals should start defining their future role as strategic leaders of innovation, spotting trends and equipping their firms with the knowledge and skills to compete and succeed in the emerging future state." by Joel Alleyne and Jamila Mather #adapt #change #client ...

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A Recipe for Success: Cooking Up KM from Scratch by Heather Ritchie and Lesha Van Der Bij

Law firm knowledge management has grown since the early '90's. Today it includes "delivering tools and technologies to foster collaboration and sharing, analyzing and improving work processes, and facilitating project management and alternative fee arrangements." by Heather Ritchie and Lesha...

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Creating Client Connectivity Platforms to Improve Client Service by Andy Wishart

Firms face challenges in delivering custom client solutions. “With research, the right choices and a willingness to innovate, firms can set themselves apart from the competition, deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost and develop deeper relationships with their clients.” ...

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But Wait… There’s More LegalSEC Summit 2015 - Day 1 Recap

The 2015 LegalSEC Summit started at a fast pace with tweets about great content, well-attended sessions and lots to learn. Because not everyone can attend and even those attending cannot be everywhere at once, I am highlighting a few of the great moments from Day 1. Before sessions wrapped up...

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Are You the Weak Link in Your Client's IG Program?

Information Governance is "important because the way law firms currently operate— indefinitely keeping all client documents, including client-generated information turned over in response to discovery — could be in direct opposition with their clients’ information governance best practices." ...