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Why process efficiency, project management and relationship data are now the keys to success in law firm client relationships

Today’s law firm clients are more interested in value than ever before and have never been less loyal to outside counsel. Ryan Steadman, Customer Value Engineer at Tikit North America, argues that in response, firms urgently need to up their game across a handful of business critical...

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On-Premises or SaaS? It Depends on Your Needs by Sue Keno

When moving from an on-premises document management system to a hosted solution, consider cost, deployment, integration, security and investment priorities for a successful transition. by Sue Keno #DMS #checklist #Strategy #host #EnterpriseContentManagement #Security ...

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Benefit of Measuring E-Discovery Metrics by Michael Hamilton, Scott Milner, and Rich Vestuto

"One of the most problematic parts of pre-litigation activity is trying to assess e-discovery strategies, because metrics and costs are not typically tracked in a way that makes it easy to extract the information… The inherent benefits of tracking and keeping historical metrics for e...