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Tackling the 5 Hidden Costs of Space

When it comes to the overheads in your business, many are in plain view and easy to see – labor costs, for instance, and materials. But all too many businesses find they are somehow losing money every month, and struggle to see exactly where it’s slipping away. Poor space utilization can be a...

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Is Your Firm Failing at Collections? by Avanthi Masthoff

"For many lawyers, it isn't until they become a partner and are approaching compensation time that they truly realize the complexities of managing the financial aspects of a client relationship." Partners and law firms must develop sound practices for managing clients and collecting receivables....

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Once and Future Kings: Financial and Practice Management Systems to Rule Them All by Mike Walker

This fairy tale analogy explains the benefits of an enterprise business management system handling financial, matter and practice management needs. by Mike Walker #efficiency #bestpractices #mattermanagement #FinancialManagement #Businessandlegalprocessimprovements ...

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Top 12 Objections to Scanning and Destroying Paper by Bob Blacksberg and John Gilbert

Information technology, records and administration professionals "wrestle with the costs and efforts devoted to… paper files. It has become clear that much of the problem can be solved with a 'less paper' strategy… The following are 12 common objections from lawyers and our...

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Maximizing Value: Eliminating Waste Through Legal Process Excellence by David Rueff

"Corporate clients are insourcing more of their legal services, corporate legal departments are reducing or converging the number of their outside counsel, and alternative service providers are bleeding away commodity legal services. In many cases, the driving force of these changes is...

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Peer to Peer - October 2015 - Windows 10 on Tablet-Laptop Hybrids for the Law Office

"When used with the newly released Windows 10, lightweight tablet-laptop hybrids offer amazing versatility and mobility for the law office... Windows 10 promises to be popular in the workplace" and allows firms to "deploy and manage Surface tablets, which do not support Windows versions before 8...

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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Pursue Process Excellence

"A combination of intense competition and a desire to control the costs of global expansion are expected to drive a focus on efficiency and performance, with IT expected to play an enabling role." from the ILTA Legal Technology Future Horizons Report #Strategy ...

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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Collaborative Technology and E-Litigation in U.S. Courts by Clare Foley

"In spite of the United States’ prominent role in technological innovation, when it comes to electronic filing and the promise of paperless trials, we lag behind other countries… The maturity of cloud-based computing and the emergence of electronic collaborative workspaces for legal...

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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Automation to Avoid Productivity Killers by Stephen Allen

Improving efficiencies through automation especially of non-billable tasks will aid law firm growth. "Attorneys, trainers and practice managers need to seek out applications that can help automate processes and increase productivity." by Stephen Allen #Businessandlegalprocessimprovements ...