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Four Principles of Responsible E-Discovery Data Management by Gillian Glass and Caroline Sweeney

"As electronic discovery professionals, we collect an enormous amount of data from our clients and then generate even more work product off of those data… Information governance principles can provide tremendous guidance in helping" e-discovery professionals determine what and...

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Are You the Weak Link in Your Client's IG Program?

Information Governance is "important because the way law firms currently operate— indefinitely keeping all client documents, including client-generated information turned over in response to discovery — could be in direct opposition with their clients’ information governance best practices." ...

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Face Your Fears: Embracing Change in the Legal Environment

Many legal professionals have expressed fear in the face of an uncertain and tumultuous industry especially when it comes to advanced technology. The legal technology news forums/blogs and professional trade journals are declaring the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the wave of...

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Focus Search - • Compliance • Litigation Hold Management ROSS

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Reinventing Traditional Support Staff Roles in a Buyer's Market

The composition of roles within the modern law firm is rapidly changing. In today's buyer's market, client demands require law firms to redefine traditional support staff roles, such as paralegals, legal secretaries, legal clerks and law librarians. Law firm industry experts will discuss how...

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Focus Search - – Litigation readiness and hold procedures

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Data Mining: Leveraging Information To Make Strategic Decisions

Everyone talks about big data, but few have done more than scratch the surface to figure out how their data can guide strategic decision-making. How can data be used to make smarter decisions? What tools and techniques are available to legal practitioners? How can the insights from data lead to...

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Focus Search - rooms and “enclaves” for lawyers to hold