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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Data Analytics for Profitable Business Development by Toni Minick

"In business development, it is not only the relationships between individuals that matter, you also need to pay attention to the relationships between actions and outcomes." Data analytics can illustrate likely outcomes based on data from past and similar relationships and actions. by ...

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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - 2020 Vision: The Genesis of Lawyers? by Ginevra Saylor

"As we approach 2020, the legal profession has witnessed transformative change. Access to the law has become ubiquitous… But is the future for lawyers grim?" by Ginevra Saylor #FutureandEmergingTechnologies #change #FutureFocused #LegalProjectManagement #model ...

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Architecting KM: Blueprints for Novices to Experts by Sally Gonzalez

Use of a knowledge management "blueprint will help you think about the continuum of potential KM services and assess the order in which to tackle them based on their complexity and the skills required." by Sally Gonzalez #Strategy #Businessandlegalprocessimprovements #plan ...

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Successfully Introduce New Practices and Technology by Connie Crosby

Knowledge management directors must typically bring change to make advancements for knowledge workers. "The goal is to improve the firm, make the work more effective and encourage people to share and collaborate." by Connie Crosby #Strategy #audit #questionnaire #model #plan ...

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A Recipe for Success: Cooking Up KM from Scratch by Heather Ritchie and Lesha Van Der Bij

Law firm knowledge management has grown since the early '90's. Today it includes "delivering tools and technologies to foster collaboration and sharing, analyzing and improving work processes, and facilitating project management and alternative fee arrangements." by Heather Ritchie and ...

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Simplify Client Audits with Proactive Compliance by Patrick Kohnle

" The number of compliance checklists for law firm technology systems and security procedures has ballooned. Law firms should implement proactive compliance to address, alter and audit internal security and operations as a requirement to do business with outside organizations." ...

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Are You the Weak Link in Your Client's IG Program?

Information Governance is "important because the way law firms currently operate— indefinitely keeping all client documents, including client-generated information turned over in response to discovery — could be in direct opposition with their clients’ information governance best practices." ...