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2015-08 ILTA's 2015 Project Management Survey Results

About a week before last year’s ILTA conference, the typically calm project management e-group began to explode with messages about additional networking events targeted for people in project management (PM) roles. With the help of ILTA staff and sponsors, we set up and communicated...

2015 Project Management Survey.pdf

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Successfully Introduce New Practices and Technology by Connie Crosby

Knowledge management directors must typically bring change to make advancements for knowledge workers. "The goal is to improve the firm, make the work more effective and encourage people to share and collaborate." by Connie Crosby #Strategy #audit #questionnaire #model #plan ...

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Benefit of Measuring E-Discovery Metrics by Michael Hamilton, Scott Milner, and Rich Vestuto

"One of the most problematic parts of pre-litigation activity is trying to assess e-discovery strategies, because metrics and costs are not typically tracked in a way that makes it easy to extract the information… The inherent benefits of tracking and keeping historical metrics for e...