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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Automation to Avoid Productivity Killers by Stephen Allen

Improving efficiencies through automation especially of non-billable tasks will aid law firm growth. "Attorneys, trainers and practice managers need to seek out applications that can help automate processes and increase productivity." by Stephen Allen #Businessandlegalprocessimprovements ...

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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Maximize Efficiency with Technology-Enabled Workflows by Eric Wangler

"For law firm attorneys, staff and IT departments, there is never enough time in the day to get everything done… Technology-enabled workflows can decrease the time it takes to complete tasks and help firms better prioritize projects and make use of internal resources." by Eric Wangler ...

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Challenges and Tips for E-Discovery in the Cloud by Robert Kirtley

"Electronic discovery in the cloud emerged several years ago and has evolved substantially since then… Some initial challenges presented by new technical terrain and old legal requirements for preserving data are now being met by new litigation support tools." by Robert...