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4 Ways Legal CIOs Can Lower Risk and Enable IT Transformation with DRaaS

The digital transformation of a law firm starts with lowering risk. Today, law firms are under unprecedented pressure from clients and auditors to implement and prove effective IT capabilities. This pressure is driving more firms to offload their IT disaster recovery (DR) process to Disaster...

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Why process efficiency, project management and relationship data are now the keys to success in law firm client relationships

Today’s law firm clients are more interested in value than ever before and have never been less loyal to outside counsel. Ryan Steadman, Customer Value Engineer at Tikit North America, argues that in response, firms urgently need to up their game across a handful of business critical...

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A Paper-to-Digital Master Plan by Steve Irons

“Keeping paper records in law firms is a major expense and causes inefficiency and risk” yet, many attorneys still prefer paper. A digital matter file “liberates the practice of law from the chains of paper records and produces cost savings, efficiencies and risk reductions...

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Eight Tips for Using Technology to Persuade a Jury by Francis George

In the courtroom, "knowing the technology is available isn’t enough. It’s more important to know how to use the technology. Here are best practices and tips on how to use courtroom presentation technology in your favor." by Francis George #jury #bestpractices...