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Different sides of the same coin? How IT and Innovation departments can work together

Lately, I found myself working at the busy intersection of established legal IT department and recently created KM Innovation group in the law firm I am in. Both departments have their similarities and differences: IT is the powerhouse of technical expertise while Innovation looks better...

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Blog Entry
Strategies for Improving Collaboration Between IT and Legal - Takeaway

Please enjoy this brief takeaway from the May 1st roundtable discussion entitled "Strategies for Improving Collaboration Between IT and Legal." It is important for Legal to have an IT dedicated team and for that collective team to have shared goals. o If you don’t have a dedicated IT...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Best Practices - 6 Tips to Stabilize and Reduce Out-of-Control IT Costs

"Costs continue to grow as technology becomes increasingly important in every aspect of how attorneys practice law. Yesterday’s luxuries have become today’s pricey necessities. As IT infrastructure and technology eat away at the bottom line, many are seeking ways to control and stabilize IT...

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When You Cannot Have the Bright, Shiny New Thing by Rachel Sindorf

“Often marketing departments in law firms, especially midsize ones, struggle to find a balance between usability, efficiency and functionality of particular tools…” You may have “a lot of technology in place, but the deeper capabilities of all that technology remains unexplored and unused… Find...

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Peer to Peer - Spring 2017 Feature - IT and HR: A Strong Recruiting Team

IT Professionals have expertise in technology while HR professionals have expertise in people. "A successful collaboration between IT and HR involves both departments learning from and understanding each other" to attract the right candidates. by: Beth J. Bahr #HR #ITOperations #PeertoPeer

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Peer to Peer - Spring 2017 Feature - Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation

"Following the recent enactment by the European Union (EU) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), law firms providing services to EU residents may be faced with new compliance requirements ahead of the 2018 effective date. Technology leaders need to ensure that their firm’s data...

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Peer to Peer - Spring 2017 Feature - Here or There: Exchange On-Premises Versus Exchange Online

"Should you implement Exchange on-premises or in the cloud? Arriving at an answer can be difficult, especially for law firms... Security is a primary concern, but cost, licensing, maintenance and availability also complicate the decision. As Exchange 2010 nears obsolescence, management and IT...