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2018 (Summer) Peer to Peer - Applications to Services

Articles discuss various aspects of cloud or SAAS based initiatives, including what services are being used/considered, on premise products or in the cloud, change management and internal training examples, and articles showcasing practical examples, step-by-step case studies, and more. To...

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Even More Microsoft Office 365 Resources!

Having worked in eDiscovery for nearly twenty years, I know there is a "feeling" when a technology hits a tipping point. It starts with hype, then lots of questions, webinars, trainings, and more hype, finally followed by acceptance and integration - usually just in time for the next "big thing"...

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Windows 10 - Imaging and Patching

Good Morning Everyone! On May 31st, Beau and I hosted a virtual roundtable on Windows 10 - Imaging and Patching. There was great attendance and a lot of wonderful questions asked. After the event ended we sent around the short slide deck used along with some answers to the questions posed in...

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Peer to Peer - October 2015 - You Can Discover What on My Device?!

"The sophistication of mobile technology and the types of data stored on mobile devices continue to evolve, raising new issues in the e-discovery process." By: John Burchfield #ApplicationInterfacesandDeployment #Mobility #edisclosure #evidence #privacy ...

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Peer to Peer - October 2015 - The Switch from Windows Phone to Android

"The decision surrounding which phone to use boils down to the apps. Do you need them or not?" Determining whether to use the Windows Phone or the Android depends on your work and personal needs. The Windows Phone has better "UI, social integration and even MS integration. However, the apps make...

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Peer to Peer - October 2015 - Assess Your Mobile Device Management Needs

With all this convenience and connectedness, new concerns have cropped up and de facto conventions have emerged. Employees are accustomed to shouldering some or all of the cost of their devices and using them for their job, which is great for their employers and clients. by Larry Kuhn ...