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Demo: Document Review & Annotation with the LINK App

Description Documents make the gears turn for lawyers. Workflows such as opening an email attachment, marking it up, and checking it into DMS and sending it to an associate, or, opening multiple files on your iPad to review and annotate for a case – these are essential for legal work. Join...

 10-12-2020 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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Tip of the Week - Kofax PowerPDF - open in tabs or separate instances?

Kofax PowerPDF (formerly Nuance PowerPDF) PDF Documents Display in Tabs With the latest version of PowerPDF, documents can open in tabs, instead of a new window. However, there are still ways to view a PDF document in a separate instance of PowerPDF instead of a Tab. Here are...

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OneNote - Notebooks May Be Larger Than They Appear

Notebooks May Be Larger Than They Appear Our IP department likes OneNote. They keep important client data spread out among ten massive notebooks. Once these lawyers started to get updated computers with fancy solid-state drives, we started to see a problem. They were running out of disk...

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OneNote 2016 v. OneNote for Windows 10

OneNote 2016 v. OneNote for Windows 10 Is one note as good as another? Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has supported two flavors of OneNote: the more traditional looking and functioning OneNote 2016 , and one of the first applications using the Universal Windows Platform...

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OneNote! What is it Good For?....Absolutely…. Well, Quite a Bit.

OneNote! What is it Good For? Absolutely…. Well, Quite a Bit. OneNote remains a mystery to some lawyers. Some folks just can't translate the concept of a three-ring binder from the real world to the virtual. However, those that can find the software transformational. "When lawyers...

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2018 (Summer) Peer to Peer - Applications to Services

Articles discuss various aspects of cloud or SAAS based initiatives, including what services are being used/considered, on premise products or in the cloud, change management and internal training examples, and articles showcasing practical examples, step-by-step case studies, and more. To...

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Windows 10 - Imaging and Patching

Good Morning Everyone! On May 31st, Beau and I hosted a virtual roundtable on Windows 10 - Imaging and Patching. There was great attendance and a lot of wonderful questions asked. After the event ended we sent around the short slide deck used along with some answers to the questions posed in...

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