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Building the A Team

(Time scheduled with our Australian members in mind) Description On the back of multiple Royal commissions on top of a growing ediscovery sector, the Australian ediscovery community is facing the dual challenge of a critical shortage of skilled ediscovery staff and industry-wide burnout....

 07-16-2019 | 11:00 - 12:00 AEST

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A Recap from Yesterday’s ILTA KM Roundtable – KM Around the Globe

It can be quite challenging to define KM on a global scale, especially in terms of innovation. There is an overarching understanding of the foundational aspects of KM that apply to each locality; efficiency and excellence, increased quality, client service, profitability, attorney job...

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Leading / Mentoring the Next Generation

With all the pressures facing legal organisations in the context of constant change, developing a pipeline of emerging legal technology leaders, putting them on a track to leadership through mentoring and growing their leadership skills, is imperative. We will discuss effective ways to identify...

Leading Mentoring the Next Generation Round Table Discussion.pdf

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Security Awareness Round Table

With all the press on Russian hacking of the U.S. Election and breaches being reported in law firms around the world, it's time to elevate cyber security from a niche to a top-level concern. In this fast moving roundtable session we will discuss the implications of changing the culture in the...

Security Awareness Round Table Discussion.pdf

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Driving Better Client Experience with Improved User Experience

Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers built a 21st century law firm using digital dictation and SmartNote with Speech Recognition to support growth and innovation. With its sights set firmly on the future, Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers knew it needed to harness the power of technology to create a modern...

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Running Concurrent Innovation Programmes - Insights and Experiences

It's now well settled that the legal sector is facing considerable disruption and that firms that don't innovate risk failure or irrelevance. But how do traditional law firms overcome tradition and structural issues that impede the development of an innovation culture? At Maddocks, we recently...

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At the Intersection of Technology & Future Workforce Models - What Does Innovation Mean in Practice?

AI, predictive coding, machine learning, disruption and innovation - we are all familiar with the newly popular buzz terms in the market but what do they actually look like in application? What we are currently seeing more of is the incremental transformations in areas like the way documents are...

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Law Firm Security: A long, rocky journey

In this session Jeff will examine the Panama papers intro, and then discuss what his firm and firms right across the US are doing to prepare for and defend security attacks. #Security #LegalTechFest #Australia

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Electronic Hearings and Litigating in the Digital Age – Working Smarter not Harder

As clients continue to demand faster, more efficient delivery of legal services, embracing innovation in litigation has never been more important. This is particularly true during the final stages of litigation yet making the most of the opportunities technology presents can still be a challenge...


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Turning Innovative Ideas into Results: Why Collaboration is Critical to Success

In 2016 Telstra Legal partnered with HSF to run a series of design thinking workshops and innovation sprints to tackle a set of productivity opportunities. This collaboration resulted in a saving of more than 40,000 lawyer hours and recognition by Financial Times of Telstra Legal as Asia Pac's...

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