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Even More Microsoft Office 365 Resources!

Having worked in eDiscovery for nearly twenty years, I know there is a "feeling" when a technology hits a tipping point. It starts with hype, then lots of questions, webinars, trainings, and more hype, finally followed by acceptance and integration - usually just in time for the next "big thing"...

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Key Takeaways from the Office 365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online

In this virtual roundtable, we continued the lively and open discussion on Office 365 Exchange Online. Topics included authentication options and issues, hybrid migration vs. cutover, personal archives and retention policies and new features. This takeaway document highlights the key discussions...

Key Takeaways on O365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online, Part II.pdf

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Peer to Peer - Spring 2017 Best Practices - The Evolution of Cloud Connectivity Solutions

"Evaluating a cloud infrastructure strategy is atop any CIO’s list... As IT organizations look to migrate to cloud infrastructures, they need to ensure the robustness of their cloud connectivity solutions. The abundance of cloud connectivity options leaves firms scratching their heads on what...

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Moving to the Cloud – Migration Tools and Considerations for the iManage Cloud

Moving can be one of life’s most exciting – and stressful – events. As moving a to new home is a challenging part of your personal life, moving to a new DMS is a challenging part of your professional life, especially when that DMS is in the Cloud. How can we reduce the...

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Key Takeaways from A State of the Industry: Past to Present

In this virtual roundtable, we held a discussion on the current state of the industry — how it has changed and where it's headed. We covered moving to a mobile cloud, the shift in security, the evolution of the OS servicing model, the move to web conferencing and the interaction between law...

ILTA Takeaways - A State of the Industry.pdf

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Key Takeaways from the O365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online

In the virtual roundtable, panelists and participants discussed their experiences and asked questions about migrating to and using Office 365 Exchange Online. Panelists experienced an easy conversion, satisfied users and have few to no outages. They obtained buy-in by highlighting the security...

ILTA Takeaways O365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online.pdf

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But Wait... There's More

Last week members discussed lateral legacy records, law firm adoption of the cloud and more. Catch more stories about innovative client-focused work from five great ILTACON TV interviews and see last week’s if you missed them. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from...

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