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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Best Practices - Building a Stellar Training Team: Insights from a Little Yellow Bird

"Training is just as important to the success of a rollout as the software and hardware systems. It is a tough job, but a talented trainer can have a significant impact on an organization’s workflow. Top-notch trainers who lead with energy and enthusiasm radiate that attitude to everyone they...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Best Practices - Plug and Play and Succeed: Integrated Adaptive Legal Matter Management

"As your firm embraces the future, you likely are looking for new, innovative technology to manage and exceed client demands. Forward-thinking legal and IT professionals should ask themselves: 'Are we embracing modern technology? What could our firm do if more of our disparate systems worked...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Best Practices - Transforming the Learning Landscape One Byte at a Time

"What will classrooms of the future be like? Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, learning analytics, artificial intelligence and wearables are paving the way for the future of learning. These promising technologies will change the way we deliver learning and empower us with the data...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Best Practices - 6 Tips to Stabilize and Reduce Out-of-Control IT Costs

"Costs continue to grow as technology becomes increasingly important in every aspect of how attorneys practice law. Yesterday’s luxuries have become today’s pricey necessities. As IT infrastructure and technology eat away at the bottom line, many are seeking ways to control and stabilize IT...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Feature - Marketers Can Learn Digital Endurance from Tech Giants

"In a world of digital products and services — think of the iPhone, apps like Facebook or Twitter, cloud-based software like Salesforce and cars similar to the Tesla — continuous improvement is a fundamental assumption. Each of these devices or software platforms releases new versions and...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Feature - Drive Superior Lawyer Experiences Through Design Thinking

"Last summer, Peer to Peer ran two insightful articles, one by John Alber and the other by Jay Hull, that applied the principles of design thinking to the client service model, primarily by focusing on the relationship between lawyers and their clients… The Alber and Hull articles highlight the...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Feature - Characteristics of Capable Leaders

"We know good leaders when we see them: They can use information to illuminate decisions, think broadly while focusing on issues, evaluate options and implications, and make decisions and communicate their reasons clearly. We admire leaders who provide a vision for the future when facing...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Feature - Predictive Analytics: Shaping the Future of Legal Tech

"The legal world is fast-paced, making it IT’s responsibility to guarantee lawyers instant access to data whenever they need it. IT must also make sure data custody isn’t jeopardized… To maintain the level of data access and security required in the legal field, law firms are left with two...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Feature - The Brexit Brain Drain: Is Legal About to Lose a Huge Talent Pool?

"On March 29, 2017, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty was triggered, marking the beginning of a two-year negotiation between the government of the United Kingdom and the European Union. Though this brings Brexit one step closer to becoming reality, it leaves many businesses across the globe in...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Feature - Forget About Robot Lawyer… This Is the First Way AI Will Affect Legal Practitioners

"Most discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal industry have focused on ways that it can assist attorneys with the practice of law, such as contract review and legal research. Those areas show great promise — once law firms are willing to embrace emerging technologies — but...