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Thinking Like a Lawyer in the 21st Century

Description: The legal marketplace is rapidly evolving as a result of technology and increased globalization. Today's lawyers need a new range of skills and knowledge that they didn't need a generation ago. To remain competitive and competent today, lawyers need the ability to safeguard...


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The Data Law Firms Don't See

We will explore the reports legal departments run to assess and choose law firms, as well as the reports they run to measure their own success within their company. We'll look at ways in which law firms can score well on assessments and how they can help their clients look good to their internal...

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pfSense 2.1.1 PRERELEASE is now available

For those of you running pfSense as your firewall, IPS, IDS (yes, it does all of those things), a new release is on the horizon. WOOT WOOT!!! Chris Buechler, co-founder of pfSense has announced that the 2.1.1-PRERELEASE is available at and the list of changes since the 2...