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Employment Matters: Best Practices - How to Be an Effective Manager

This snackable podcast recording focuses on the tools needed to be an effective manager. The discussion will mainly be about effective communication, best approaches to discipline and equal policy implementation. Enjoy! Interviewer: @Lekecia Barclay , Technology Advisor, The Office of Chief...

Employment Matters Best Practices- How to Be an Effective Manager-Diandra Ritchie.mp3

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Chicago: Automating Intrafirm Referrals, Staffing and Connections

Description Tired of your attorneys failing to properly staff client matters and referring clients to other firms? During this session, we will discuss the issues firms face with intra-firm staffing and referrals. We will evaluate the resulting financial impact of those issues. We will then...

 06-11-2019 | 12:00 - 13:00 CT
 Chicago IL

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Speaking Up & Speaking Out On Mental Health in the Legal Profession

Please enjoy this highly beneficial snackable podcast during Mental Health Awareness Month featuring two leading experts on mental health, particularly as it affects the legal profession. The discussion will center around the prevalence of mental health issues in the industry and why it's so...

Speaking Up and Speaking Out on Mental Health in the Legal Profession.mp3

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Best Practices - Building a Stellar Training Team: Insights from a Little Yellow Bird

"Training is just as important to the success of a rollout as the software and hardware systems. It is a tough job, but a talented trainer can have a significant impact on an organization’s workflow. Top-notch trainers who lead with energy and enthusiasm radiate that attitude to everyone they...

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2017 Feature - The Brexit Brain Drain: Is Legal About to Lose a Huge Talent Pool?

"On March 29, 2017, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty was triggered, marking the beginning of a two-year negotiation between the government of the United Kingdom and the European Union. Though this brings Brexit one step closer to becoming reality, it leaves many businesses across the globe in...

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2017 IT Compensation Survey Results

We broke records this year with an all-time high response rate! Compensation survey data are invaluable to HR departments as they benchmark salaries and benefits. For an individual, this information prepares you for salary discussions with your current or prospective employer. ILTA’s IT...

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Peer to Peer - Spring 2017 Feature - IT and HR: A Strong Recruiting Team

IT Professionals have expertise in technology while HR professionals have expertise in people. "A successful collaboration between IT and HR involves both departments learning from and understanding each other" to attract the right candidates. by: Beth J. Bahr #HR #ITOperations #PeertoPeer

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Peer to Peer - Spring 2017 Best Practices - Three Pillars of Success Pillar One: The Right People

"Experience teaches that successful organizations operate in environments where objectives are simple and straightforward. Despite the complexity arising from continuous changes in law firm technology, three fundamental pillars provide a reliable template against which to build business...

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Peer to Peer - Spring 2017 Best Practices - Aligning Human Resources and Information Technology Strategies

"Human resources (HR) and information technology (IT) in law firms seem to have natural barriers between them. One is focused on people and the other on systems... Aligning strategies may seem challenging... but there are a surprising number of areas where the interests of these two departments...

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The Future of IT Staffing

For everyone except Doctor Who, time marches on. How is that future impacting the skill sets that law firm technologists need to have? Listen to a conversation on current and future skill sets and how people, process and *new* technology is impacting the delivery of legal services. Speakers:...


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