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2021 Compliance Summit

Event Summary : Effective information governance is critical for law firms and corporate legal departments. This one-day event focuses on the tools and policies you need to reduce risk and increase compliance. #Virtual #InformationGovernanceorCompliance #Featured ​​​

 05-20-2021 | 09:00 - 16:00 CT

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Vendor Governance to Integrate Teams and Document Management Systems

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Reggie Pool, Senior Director, HBR Consulting LLC. This is the third article in the series on Teams governance, addressing the challenges and benefits of Teams and Document Management Systems (DMS), including managing safeguards, classification,...

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Who Moved the Folder? Transforming Shared Drive Clean Up

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Kathleen Jimenez, Information Governance Manager, White & Case LLP. Please Note: This blog is part of the Taming Unstructured Data series which includes the introduction and additional blog which you will find below in the related content. ...

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Taming Unstructured Data - Vortex of Chaos Project

Like many law firms, we had various network shares where users could place data. They had been around for a very long time, with no real oversight. Problems began cropping up with available space and many of these locations were not expandable. As these locations filled, IT started asking who...

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Kick-Off Introduction to Security and Compliance's "Taming Unstructured Data" Series

Unstructured data is but one consequence of many firms' relatively late adoption of Information Governance policies and concepts. Many of us struggle to absolve ourselves of the ‘sins of the past’ and establish control of the content of legacy shared network drives or file sharing services that...

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A Deep Dive into Provisioning in Teams, With 3rd Parties, Powershells and When Should IG/Sec Be Involved

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Bryn Bowen, Principal, Greenheart Consulting Partners. Of all of the collaboration tools being used in the law firm world, Microsoft Teams is the most popular because it’s already available to end users as part of many firms’ Office 365 suite, and...

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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons – How to Leverage a Global Crisis to Evolve your IG Skillset

Please enjoy this co-authored blog post by Leigh Isaacs, CIGO, CIP, Director of Information Governance and Records Management, Proskauer Rose LLP and Andrew Corridore, CIP, Information Governance Compliance Specialist, Proskauer Rose LLP It’s no secret that the world of information and data...

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What is Teams and What Should Information Governance and Security Be Concerned With the Initial Setup

It’s collaboration time! There’s a lot of buzz in legal tech about Microsoft Teams and its collaboration features. In recent years attorneys have been asking for more tools to enable collaboration, and the “new normal” remote workplace has reinforced the need for new, innovative tools for our...

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Data Loss Prevention: Survey Results and Peer Discussion BRIEF SUMMARY

Below are highlights from the July 16 th virtual round-table discussion entitled: “Data Loss Prevention: Survey Results and Peer Discussion”. Speakers: @Marcos Marcal (Information Security & Risk Manager at Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP) & @Abraham Miller-Barbarow (Information...

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Volunteer Opportunity
Security & Compliance Content Coordinating Team (2021)

PURPOSE : Content Coordinating Teams fall under the direction of the Program Planning Council liaisons who provide direction to the teams in creating programming deliverables. ROLE : The Content Coordinating Team will review the specific areas of focus, target audiences, deliverable numbers...

 09-01-2020  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)