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How To Build A Legal Finance Dashboard: Large Firm Edition

Continuing with the theme from earlier blog posts that ‘firm size matters’, this post will address what is involved with building a dashboard for a large firm. Before proceeding with a description of what’s appropriate for a large organization, it should be noted that the approach discussed...

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Distance Learning

Learn about several different types of distance learning, including tips to help you prepare and make your training a success. Speaker: Thomas Perkins - Contractor / Consultant Senior Learning and Development Professional Recorded on 8-31-18 #Leadership #ProfessionalDevelopment ...

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Large Firm Discussion Forum

Join this thought-provoking discussion on our mutual challenges and successes. Everyone will be encouraged to contribute and network with your peers. We'll focus on issues that profoundly affect larger legal organizations, including these topics to choose from: * Security - LS-ISAO* Client...

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Open Source IDS Products

So, I was perusing some of the usual junk mail I receive and I came across a great article about the top 10 Open Source IDS tools (you can, and should, read it here ) and it prompted this quick blog post. IDS can be a fickle b&$%*. There are many great tools available, some free, some...

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Skill Assessments for Lawyers and Staff - Yes or No?

Curious about the successes people have had with this. What issues have you overcome? How do you socialize with HR? If you have this, what type of buy-in did you have to get? What model is your program? Would love to hear especially from mid-size to large firms or firms in the PNW area ...