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Trial Presentation Skills Self-Assessment

Legal team members who decide to take on trial presentation duties often have embarrassing failures in the courtroom. Why does this happen? Failure rarely comes from unfamiliarity with trial software. Failure typically comes from everything else associated with presenting electronically...

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Primer and Practice Tips for Addressing Social Media Discovery

Description Social media presents dynamic and complex challenges for even seasoned ediscovery practitioners. Preservation and production difficulties abound, particularly with the proliferation of messaging applications among consumers and businesses. Fold in the complexities of collecting...

 04-14-2020 | 15:00 - 16:00 ET

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2020 e-Discovery & Litigation Support Survey Results Helps Firms Compare and Improve Recovery Models

Law firm leaders know e-Discovery and litigation support costs have spiraled out of control because of the exponential increase in data volumes, but firms struggle with a legacy practice of writing off litigation support/e-Discovery and related costs. The costs are simply too high to continue...

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Document Production Protocol Check List

If you are planning to exchange productions electronically with other parties, there are important technological considerations that the parties should discuss together up front. Whether your eDiscovery team is internal or a trusted vendor, involve them from the outset. Your eDiscovery team will...

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Biometric Information Privacy Laws

Biometric Information Privacy Laws By Alan S. Wernick, Esq. ( Bio of Alan S. Wernick ) As biometric data use in society becomes more ubiquitous, so have the statutory and judicial responses concerning their use and the related privacy and contract law issues. To minimize...

Volunteer Opportunity
Litigation & Practice Support Content Coordinating Team (2020)

PURPOSE : Content Coordinating Teams fall under the direction of the Program Planning Council liaisons who provide direction to the teams in creating programming deliverables. ROLE : The Content Coordinating Team will review the specific areas of focus, target audiences, deliverable numbers...

 10-01-2019  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)

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2019-04 April - Litigation and Practice Support White Paper

For 2019, we present the 2018 Litigation and Practice Support Technology Survey results. These results review the previous year of data, and includes participants from all segments of ILTA, including corporate and government professionals. The survey provides responses from over 180 firms with...

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eDiscovery Managed Services Series: Reporting

Three years ago, our firm entered into an eDiscovery managed services contract with Epiq. We believed that a managed services model was the most efficient way to deliver eDiscovery services to our clients at the most competitive prices. Our requirements were based on carefully articulated...

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Boot Camp for Training Paralegals

Objective A week long, total immersion training for technically-minded paralegals who wish to be integrated into a litigation support / eDiscovery group. Using a scenario-based methodology, we will follow the lifecycle of a matter from inception. By close of training, which includes a...

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Women in eDiscovery Interviews: Part 9

As a content coordinating volunteer for ILTA, I was interested to learn more about our female leaders of today. In May of 2018, my ILTA colleague Chandra Foreman was able to put me in touch with the Chicago Chapter Board of Women in eDiscovery. As a non-profit organization, WiE holds monthly...