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PwC InsightsOfficer - Automated Bookkeeping, Billing, and Insights for Small and Medium Sized Law Fi

Description Bookkeeping, billing, expense management. These are some of the less glamorous tasks of law firm life. However if they're not handled appropriately they can quickly scale into a material challenge. In this webinar T.C. Whittaker, CPA, will walk through how PwC is integrating with...

 12-16-2019 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

Vendor Risk Management for the Small/Mid size firms

Description Learn how Privva helps law firms with limited resources and budgets implement a vendor risk management program to meet the increasing security requirements by clients. Vendor Risk Management is a critical component of an overall cybersecurity strategy. Clients are demanding it....

 12-06-2019 | 11:00 - 12:00 ET

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2019 ILTACON - Session Highlights for C-Suite Members, Small-to-Midsize Firms and Young Professionals

One great thing about ILTACON 2019 is that there is truly something for everyone! In this blog, we will highlight resources for Small and Midsize Firms, C-Suite Professionals, and Young Professionals. No matter your role or experience, you’ll find many sessions that will benefit you this...

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Knowledge Management Assessments and Strategies

Knowledge management (KM) is critical to service quality and efficiency, and it touches everything from experience management to security and information governance. Where does a firm begin? With a KM strategy! In this webinar, our panel brings different perspectives to the goals, components ...

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Auditing Your Litigation Support Providers

Did you hear about the 15-year-old newbie hacker who hacked the mobile devices of lawyers in a packed room at ILTACON this past week using cheap, widely available tools? How about the 11-year old who recently hacked a replica of Florida's voting system in 10 minutes? Hacking networks can be...

Auditing your lit support providers.mp4

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Privileged Access and Change Management: Monitoring Change and Rolling Back

Managing change in your environment is critical to reliability and security, but if it is not implemented well it can add red tape without adding any value. We'll discuss the best ways to get a formal change management process off the ground as well as ways to make it better, easier and more...

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Training Without a Dedicated Training Team

Every firm needs dependable, and relevant learning resources. Whether it's a training department of one, or training is baked in to the responsibilities of another role, reliable learning resources need to be available. What are those resources and how can they be harnessed? Takeaways: ...

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Mid-Size Firms Can Exploit Tech for Competitive Advantage

Peer Monitor's research on 'dynamic' vs 'static' firms shows that firms proactively using tech to engage and collaborate with clients and colleagues, and offer new billing models and fee arrangements, have higher realization rates. The agility of mid-tier firms, along with cloud-first...


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A Firm Lift: Create a Culture of Innovation

Creating a culture on innovation takes time, courage and focus. Join us for this webinar and learn how you can create a culture of innovation for your organization, from some of the leading practitioners in the field. Speakers: Robert Garmaise is the Chief Innovation Officer at Fasken. He...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Feature - Small Firms Need Security Too!

"As a small or midsize firm, you might think you are less vulnerable to security breaches, but taking the proper steps to secure data is just as important for the smallest firm as it is for the largest. Here are some low cost (and no cost) ways to bolster your security." By Nic Samodurov and ...