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Enjoy responsibly: sustainably scale your firm’s mobile apps

Description Fliplet has enabled over 50 law firms to increase client engagement, efficiency and employee satisfaction by responsibly and reliably introducing multiple mobile apps across their firm. To achieve this, Fliplet has created an 8 week program to assist IT, Departments, Practices and...

 05-05-2021 | 11:00 - 12:00 ET

Master Class - Enhancing Collaboration and Connectivity for Remote Legal Professionals

Description The pandemic has dramatically forced law firms and corporate legal departments to make rapid adjustments to their operating procedures, including the establishment of remote work from home arrangements for all, if not a vast majority of lawyers and legal professionals. However,...

 04-29-2021 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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The Manager’s Telecommuting Survival Guide: Part I - Policies and Agreements

Your firm has decided to join the modern workforce and offer employees the ability to work remotely either on a part-time or full-time basis. The benefits are many: superior employee retention, savings on real estate expenses, improved work-life balance and perhaps even a bump in productivity if...

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But Wait... There's More

Last week members discussed internal apps and app stores, blockchain and more. Find ILTACON TV interviews from the client perspective. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest. Developing an Internal App Store In an ILTACON TV interview...

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An interview with Alvin Tedjamulia, CTO of NetDocuments

Alvin Tedjamulia sleeps only about 4 hours per night. "My mind is always thinking how can we solve this, how do we improve security, how do we improve reliability..." As CTO and co-founder of NetDocuments, Tedjamulia spends the other 20 hours of the day working on perfecting the cloud-based...

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Virtual Meetings: The New Norm

Today’s work environment is rapidly changing, and technology is allowing users to work anywhere and at any time. With project and case teams spread among offices, a new method of communication and collaboration is required to work effectively and efficiently in groups. If the new approach is ...

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But Wait... There's More ILTACON 2015 Edition, Preview 3 - Mobility and more Business and Process Improvement

With ILTACON 2015 less than a week away, I offer a preview of sessions related to mobility and business and process improvement from three session planners. I will also post a blog during ILTACON 2015 for those unable to attend in which I will highlight sessions to help you determine which...

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