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Close the Loop on Information Governance for Users Collaborating with MS O365 & Teams

Description With many of us working remotely, it can be challenging to keep team members on the same page, leading to data silos, lower productivity, and loss of control over data governance. Organizations are taking advantage of Office 365 applications to work and collaborate remotely, but a...

 07-13-2020 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

MyAnalytics - Microsoft’s Mashup of Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Description MyAnalytics (F/K/A Delve) helped employees and their managers gain insight into how workers spend their time. Depending on your perspective, these insights are either a great way to help you be more productive, or another example of Big Brother run rampant. Join Sherry Kappel and...

 04-29-2020 | 14:00 - 15:00 ET

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Anything and Everything Office 365

Anything and Everything Office 365 By Jack Recinto For the last decade Office 365 has been slowly making its way through all organizations and industries. What is Office 365 exactly and what makes it different from Office 2010 – 2019? Probably the largest difference is that Office...

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The Accidental Roadshow

During ILTACON 2018 I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Sherry Kappel and Donna Payne on a three-part session devoted to Office 365. We invited law firm members and industry experts to participate in each panel and it turned out to be a highlight of my 20 plus years of presenting for ILTA ...

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2017-12 December - Office 365

The adoption of Microsoft’s Office 365 continues to increase rapidly across legal and other industries. How can legal technologists manage the push toward Office 365? Whether adopted for the simpler updating process and security or the anytime anyplace access for attorneys this white paper...

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Key Takeaways from the Office 365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online

In this virtual roundtable, we continued the lively and open discussion on Office 365 Exchange Online. Topics included authentication options and issues, hybrid migration vs. cutover, personal archives and retention policies and new features. This takeaway document highlights the key discussions...

Key Takeaways on O365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online, Part II.pdf

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But Wait... There's More - BI Tools and Moving to Office 365

This past week members discussed moving to Office 365, business intelligence tools and more. Jump to the “Something Extra” section for information on proposed state level privacy laws and thoughts on productivity. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA&rsquo...

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Key Takeaways from the O365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online

In the virtual roundtable, panelists and participants discussed their experiences and asked questions about migrating to and using Office 365 Exchange Online. Panelists experienced an easy conversion, satisfied users and have few to no outages. They obtained buy-in by highlighting the security...

ILTA Takeaways O365 - Peer Insight on Exchange Online.pdf

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Peer to Peer - Summer 2016 Best Practices - 5 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Matter Center for Office 365

"Microsoft's Office 365 Matter Center is a document management and collaboration solution created specifically with law firms and legal departments in mind… Matter Center for Office 365 is great development, but before you get too excited, there are five critical questions derived from...

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Peer to Peer -October 2015 - Office 365: Anywhere Access, Document Collaboration and Devices Gone Wild!

"Microsoft set the stage for Office 365 to be the main cloud-based platform for productivity in business. Office 365 is a subscription service providing access to various features and services including Microsoft Office applications online and/or from multiple devices." Explore the various types...