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How to Use Microsoft 365 as a Legal Document Management System with Epona Tools

Description SharePoint / Microsoft 365 – A Modern DMS using Epona Tools, Teams, and More! SharePoint and Teams in Microsoft 365 are the future of Legal Document Management. Come see how the Epona Matter Center, Microsoft Office, Teams, AI/Machine Learning, Workflow, and Email Management can...

 12-07-2020 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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Anything and Everything Office 365

Anything and Everything Office 365 By Jack Recinto For the last decade Office 365 has been slowly making its way through all organizations and industries. What is Office 365 exactly and what makes it different from Office 2010 – 2019? Probably the largest difference is that Office...

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The Accidental Roadshow

During ILTACON 2018 I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Sherry Kappel and Donna Payne on a three-part session devoted to Office 365. We invited law firm members and industry experts to participate in each panel and it turned out to be a highlight of my 20 plus years of presenting for ILTA ...

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But Wait... There's More - BI Tools and Moving to Office 365

This past week members discussed moving to Office 365, business intelligence tools and more. Jump to the “Something Extra” section for information on proposed state level privacy laws and thoughts on productivity. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA&rsquo...

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But Wait... There's More SharePoint Symposium 2015 Day 2 Recap

Richard Harbridge opened Day 2 with his keynote, “SharePoint for Legal: The Road Ahead”. Because not everyone can attend and even those attending cannot be everywhere at once, I am highlighting a few of the great moments from Day 2. Harbridge said, “Social is about unlocking conversations and...

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