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Raspberry Pi releases an impoved B Model

On July 14th, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's founder, Eben Upton, announced that a new version of the Raspberry Pi "B" model, dubbed the model "B +". Get this... It still ONLY COSTS $35! The Raspberry Pi is a computer that is roughly the size of a credit card and can be connected to a TV...

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pfSense 2.1.3 has been released

The latest version of pfSense (2.1.3) is now available. This release follows closely after 2.1.2 and is primarily a security release that addresses a TCP and openssl issue (not Heartbleed, that was corrected in 2.1.2). The upgrade is quick and easy but be aware that it will require a...

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pfSense 2.1.1 PRERELEASE is now available

For those of you running pfSense as your firewall, IPS, IDS (yes, it does all of those things), a new release is on the horizon. WOOT WOOT!!! Chris Buechler, co-founder of pfSense has announced that the 2.1.1-PRERELEASE is available at and the list of changes since...

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2006-06 June - Open Source Software - The Door Is Open

It seems simple enough: Open the source code for a piece of software to fix it and improve it; you'll usually get results more quickly than with conventional software development. Yet those on both sides of the OSS fence are passionate in their views of this type of development and distribution....