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Data Analytics - Data Warehouse 101

What is a data warehouse? Data warehouse is an analytical data store that combines information from various sources across the organization and third-party sources, providing a uniform structure for subsequent analyses. A well-designed data warehouse can be leveraged to drive strategic and...

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Enterprise Data Warehouses - 101

The concept of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has been around for decades. However, building an enterprise data warehouse is extremely challenging. Despite this difficulty, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Having a centralized repository of information from an organization’s...

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From Go Live to Support: Making the Transition Successful

During this snackable podcast, the speaker will discuss how to keep a project alive and fresh in the users mind long after the initial launch. Interviewer: @April Heimerl , Senior Business Solutions Architect, Fish Richardson P.C. Speaker: @Jennifer Beaudette , Senior Manager,...

From Go Live to Support Making the Transition Successful - Jennifer Beaudette.mp3

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Competitive Intelligence

Please enjoy this snackable blog co-authored by Stephanie Dooley, Senior Competitive & Strategic Intelligence Manager, K&L Gates, LLP and Elizabeth Whittington, Competitive & Strategic Intelligence Analyst , K&L Gates, LLP. The ability to capture and recall information is...

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Creating an Innovation Group in Your Firm: Don't Be Left Out in the Cold: Part One

Please enjoy this exciting two-part podcast led by a couple leading experts in legal innovation that will discuss how to build a innovation group in your organization and why it is important. I nterviewer: @April Heimerl , Senior Business Solutions Architect, Fish Richardson P.C. ...

Creating an Innovation Group in Your Firm_Don't Be Left Out in the Cold_Part One-Michael.mp3

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Emerging Roles for Lawyers in Technology

This webinar is brought to you by ILTA's newly formed Law School Community. We welcome your participation in the eGroup and please let us know if you have any ideas on future content for preparing the next generation of legal professionals. This expert panel will help law students gain...

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Legaltech - Through a Global Lens Part: Uno (Time Appropriate for Americas/Europe Attendees)

Description Very few lawyers (whether in-house or in a law firm) can practice with a purely domestic focus, whatever jurisdiction that may be. Changes in local regulations in one country, think of New Zealand privacy laws or new French regulations around use of AI in legal practice, affect the...

 10-17-2019 | 11:00 - 12:00 ET

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Applied Design Thinking for Legal Service Delivery

Spend 30 minutes in this snackable webinar with Zena Applebaum and Kathleen Hogan as they discuss their experiences with applying design thinking frameworks to legal service delivery for clients. Expect to gain insights on successful design methods and real cases that have been executed for...

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Volunteer Opportunity
Litigation & Practice Support Content Coordinating Team (2020)

PURPOSE : Content Coordinating Teams fall under the direction of the Program Planning Council liaisons who provide direction to the teams in creating programming deliverables. ROLE : The Content Coordinating Team will review the specific areas of focus, target audiences, deliverable numbers...

 10-01-2019  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)

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Power Business Intelligence - 101

Power Business Intelligence (BI) is an easy to use, BI platform that enables you to access, shape and visualize data. This snackable 30 minute webinar is designed to show you how to use Power BI to reduce mountains of data into compelling insights. It will also review how to share those insights...

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