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Making Good, Important Work

A friend of my directed me to the Houston Art Interview Project , where oral histories of artists who have made significant contributions to Houston art are complied. I watched Malinda Beeman’s interview and was struck by how she found needs and opportunities in her environment and applied her...

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Eyes on the Prize, People!

Disasters always bring out the best and the worst in people. The hoarders of toilet paper and the caregivers risking their lives to help others. I have a couple observations about this, and they center around focus. The self-focus and the selfless focus. Are you trying to make things better...

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Innovation in the Time of the Corona

Hello from my bunker in Texas. Like most of you I am “WFH,” which I consistently confuse with “WTH,” which makes for some initial seconds of confusion on my part. Some examples completely made up but inspired by real life. Feel free to add your own in the comments. “The WFH initiative...

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Be Sheltering: Not Sheltered

What Are Organizations Doing to Address COVID-19? Quite A Bit, Actually. Ron Friedman has created a list of firm initiatives that he is continually updating. It is a great quick read if you are looking for some ideas for your organization. Thank you, Ron. You were able condense an...

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Taking Care of Your Health and Wellness During Uncertain Times

As the United States (and our global friends) quickly converted to working remotely over the course of last week, we have been inundated with tips and articles about how to work from home. We keep hearing that we should keep a schedule. To get dressed every day. Create a work space. Test your...

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You Haven’t Heard? Knowledge Sharing Among Multi-Offices

Please enjoy this blog post written by Lisa Gianakos, Director of Practice Technology Solutions, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP. It is an age-old problem, getting practices to share across offices. The reasons are many but commonly the result of a merger, where there is suddenly more...

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AI and Legal Services in 2020

By Alex Crowley [i] With the start of the new year, some in the legal industry predict that artificial intelligence (“AI”) will play an increasingly influential role in the delivery of legal services. [ii] Predictions like “2020 is the year we move from AI hype to AI in practice” and ...

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Skills for Closing the Communication Gap Between IT and Attorneys

There is an old story about the origin of the unofficial nickname of the state of Missouri, “The Show Me State”, which you may have seen on a license plate a time or two. As it goes, a turn-of-the century Missouri congressman named Willard Vandiver once said, in part, “…frothy eloquence neither...