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Volunteer Opportunity
Practice Management Content Coordinating Team (2020)

PURPOSE : Content Coordinating Teams fall under the direction of the Program Planning Council liaisons who provide direction to the teams in creating programming deliverables. ROLE : The Content Coordinating Team will review the specific areas of focus, target audiences, deliverable numbers...

 10-01-2019  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)

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2019-07 July - Project Management Survey Results and Mini White Paper

The 2019 Project Management Mini White Paper and Survey offers readers fresh, shorter articles on relevant topics for every type of legal project manager! Included are 4 mini white papers, covering the gamut, from Effective Legal Portfolio Management Services through PMO Best Practices. And the...

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Applying Lean Principles to Legal: Legal Project Management

Please enjoy this snackable podcast which will discuss applying project management principles to legal projects, how applying project management principles to the law help the firm and clients, are there any particular areas of the law that project management principles lend themselves better to...

Applying Lean Principles to Legal - Legal Project Management - Sterling Miller.mp3

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Designing Your Project with Adoption in Mind

Designing Your Project with Adoption in Mind by @April Heimerl and @Heather Ritchie If you build it, they will come … right? Perhaps in movies about baseball. But in law firms - not necessarily. Starting any new initiative involves a significant amount of thought and planning....

Gain a Competitive Edge by Leveraging Technology and Securely Integrating Processes

Description Staying competitive today means firms and legal departments are incorporating best-in-class technology and integrations to ensure their professionals are utilizing the latest, easy to use and secure technology to help move their practice into the future. Grab your lunch, and join us...

 06-26-2019 | 11:00 - 12:00 ET

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Data Analytics Roundtable: Project Management and Workflows - Brief Summary

Please enjoy the summary highlights from the April 25th virtual roundtable discussion entitled Data Analytics Roundtable: Project Management and Workflows. Recommended Approach to get Started: Focus on process improvement/problem solving over technology to be used for the optimal...

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How to Pick the Right Projects

So many projects….so little time (and resources). Please join us for this exciting 30 minute-snackable webinar that will share why choosing which internal projects to focus efforts on is key to having a long-lasting impact to your firm. In addition, it will discuss how do you ensure your next...

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Interview with Practice Management Professionals

Please enjoy this exciting “snackable” podcast series that will interview two leading practice management professionals and highlight their respective chief responsibilities, what they do at the firm, how they would describe a “typical day,” how they got into their current role and what has been...

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Just Say No: How to Manage Expectations

Description We all know it is hard to say "no" in firms. At the same time, saying "yes" to everything puts undue stress on teams and is a sure path to burnout or missed deliverables. In this “snackable” 30 minute webinar led by three experienced leaders, you will hear tips and best practices on...

 05-02-2019 | 12:00 - 12:30 ET

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Project Life Cycle: Measure Twice, Cut Once

In project management, there are typically five phases to a project life cycle: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing. If you’ve heard the adage “measure twice, cut once,” you have heard the essence of the first three phases of a project life cycle. In this...

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