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Kick-Off Introduction to Security and Compliance's "Taming Unstructured Data" Series

Unstructured data is but one consequence of many firms' relatively late adoption of Information Governance policies and concepts. Many of us struggle to absolve ourselves of the ‘sins of the past’ and establish control of the content of legacy shared network drives or file sharing services that...

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What is Teams and What Should Information Governance and Security Be Concerned With the Initial Setup

It’s collaboration time! There’s a lot of buzz in legal tech about Microsoft Teams and its collaboration features. In recent years attorneys have been asking for more tools to enable collaboration, and the “new normal” remote workplace has reinforced the need for new, innovative tools for our...

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Mimecast vs. Proofpoint Comparison

Hello! We thought it would be beneficial to provide the membership a comparison of Mimecast v. Proofpoint, especially given the popularity of the e-group conversations regarding these technologies. Attached you'll find three documents: Mimecast Breakdown - describes the Mimecast platform...

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LegalSEC / Information Security Session Rundown

In reviewing the simply AMAZING content attendees have in store for them Sunday-Thursday, I thought it might be useful to list out some of the security-related sessions this year. By my count, there are almost 30 sessions with some level of security-related content from different...

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But Wait... There's More

Members recently discussed the high-level threat Adobe Flash patches, connectivity in Cuba, preparing an IT employee to transition to new work in the department and more. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest. Adobe Flash Patch Recently...

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Open Source IDS Products

So, I was perusing some of the usual junk mail I receive and I came across a great article about the top 10 Open Source IDS tools (you can, and should, read it here ) and it prompted this quick blog post. IDS can be a fickle b&$%*. There are many great tools available, some free, some...