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2012 September - Financial Management: Turning a New Corner

Technology advancements, transparency of services and an uncertain marketplace are a few of the factors that have forever altered the way law firms do business. What business models will we face in the coming years, how can we make the most of our internal and external business relationships,...

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Library Entry
2011 April - Financial Management - A Slice of the Finance Pie

Financial management is an evolving practice in law firms –– new policies and business models are being developed, advanced technologies are being implemented and expectations are swelling. Law firms have taken away many lessons from the economic downturn of the last few years, and clients have...


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2008 December - E-Billing: White Paper and Survey Results

Legal technology consists of a relatively small network of people applying and innovating tools and strategies to help attorneys make the best use of their time and better serve their clients. But this is lawyers we’re talking about, so there are the inevitable confrontations and disagreements,...


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2007 May - Finance - Dollars and Sense

Finance and IT departments in firms have been tied together marginally over the years. Typically, the two departments collaborated over the installation of a new product, followed by working out performance and reporting issues. The tie between the two departments is now getting stronger. ...