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A Recap from Yesterday’s ILTA KM Roundtable – KM Around the Globe

It can be quite challenging to define KM on a global scale, especially in terms of innovation. There is an overarching understanding of the foundational aspects of KM that apply to each locality; efficiency and excellence, increased quality, client service, profitability, attorney job...

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Onboarding and Training New Knowledge Management Professionals

Research shows that effective onboarding programs improve new employee engagement, reduce ramp-up time, optimize productivity, foster working relationships and improve retention rates. You connect new employees with your culture when you go beyond basic orientation and spend up-front time...

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Transformation Increases Security Risks

With the push to be more agile, we're all innovating, changing and transforming our technologies, looking at AI, moving to the cloud and working with startups. Are we taking the eye off the ball and opening up other security and problems? Here's a discussion with various perspectives around the...

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Make It Stick: Keys to Project Management and Change Management Success

Project management, change management and user adoption shouldn’t be so hard. How do you ensure service transition on a technology implementation and make the technology stick? Solving business problems and implementing technologies successfully can only happen with good project management,...

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Business Problems that AI Can Solve

"AI the answer; what's the question?" If this feels familiar, it may seem that AI should be solving every problem, based on the market hype. But in the real world, which problems is AI providing soltuions to, and do we actually need AI, or will other tech be a better fit? What does AI do...

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Business Problems that Blockchain Can Solve Right Now

Blockchain is more than Smart Contracts!! Progress is being made in real estate applications and integration of cloud platforms. Efforts are being made in the security, privacy, productivity and interoperability of blockchain technologies. Within government, blockchain applications are...

INS11 - Business Problems that Blockchain Can Solve Right Now.mp3

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Innovation - The Future

As the legal industry matures in its approach to innovation there are still many questions - where is this all going and what should we focus on first? Debates continue on separating fact from fiction and fuzzy boundaries between IT and innovation, will firms find a way to better integrate IT...

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Experience a Real-life Cyber Attack Simulation and Learn How to Prepare In the Event of a Breach

This interactive session provides a practical, interactive and engaging cyber attack simulation showcasing how best to manage events inside and outside of your firm when a cyber-attack occurs. The simulation is presented with a panel to give the various competing pressures. It will help you...

INS09 - Experience a Real-life Cyber Attack Simulation.mp3

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Startup Showcase

Two legal startups chosen by the ILTA UK Programming Team, share how their newly emerged business ventures are developing viable business models to meet a legal industry need or problem. Start Up's featured are: Avvoka - Contract Automation - Avvoka is a cloud based contract creation,...

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Innovation Current State – Hype vs Reality

Firms are all on the innovation bandwagon, some are truly innovating, many are using the innovation to describe their continuing evolution of legal service delivery. Challenges include the clients who are demanding more collaboration and improved collaboration processes, more services and...

INS06 - Innovation Current State – Hype vs Reality.MP3