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Skill Assessments for Lawyers and Staff - Yes or No?

Curious about the successes people have had with this. What issues have you overcome? How do you socialize with HR? If you have this, what type of buy-in did you have to get? What model is your program? Would love to hear especially from mid-size to large firms or firms in the PNW area ...

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Reap From Your Depositions What You Put Into Taking Them with DepositionPro

There’s no better way to impeach a witness than to show a clip from a video deposition of the witness saying something completely at odds with their testimony at trial. For this reason, video depositions have grown in popularity. Showing a transcript lacks the dramatic impact of video. However,...

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Then and now...

Have we spoiled our attorneys with technology? Seeing the Internet Explorer Child of the 90's commercial reminded me of when I received my first Packard "Hell", I mean, Bell computer in 1995. It was the i486DX machine. The "you got mail" AOL was preloaded to sucker me into buying the $19.99 a...

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fssMacroSuite: the non-invasive and affordable solution for law offices that need a higher level of automation and standardization

Document production in a law office is a complex and coordinated effort between attorneys and their staff. fssMacroSuite is the perfect solution for law offices that need a higher level of automation and standardization throughout their firm. Our Macro & Template suite helps to...

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2006-12 December - 2006 IT Staffing Survey

The survey represents the input of 287 member organizations: 281 private law firms and six corporate law departments. The size range is from 8 attorneys to many thousand, and from one office location to dozens. Collectively it represents the experiences of over 50,000 attorneys, 125,000 total...


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2001-11 November - 2001 IT and Finance Staff Salary Survey

"Less is more.” We set out to produce a shorter, more focused survey this year than has been our practice in the past few years. Striking the right balance between completeness, accuracy and brevity is not so easy as one might think at first, especially given the sheer volume of data...