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Serve & Secure - ILTA Conference 2013 - SOS Peer Group Sessions

Greetings and salutations from the Server Operations & Security Peer Group! When we’re not working with Special Agent Nick Fury and protecting the earth from alien invaders, the SOPSPG is putting together superb educational sessions for this year’s conference in Las Vegas. Lo and behold this...

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Security in a Virtualized or Cloud Infrastructure

We have all heard the terms Virtualization and Cloud. Yet we don't necessarily equate either of those two words with a very important term, Security. In some respects the phrase “Cloud Security” or “Virtualization Security” generates an oxymoron, i.e., an incongruity. Each one of us...

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2010 September - Infrastructure Technologies: Solid Building Blocks

The new Microsoft Lync Server 2010 takes center stage in this year’s infrastructure technologies white paper. The timing is perfect, with Microsoft’s announcement of the new release of their communications server this month. We’re delighted to showcase the applicants for our inaugural...


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2009 November - Infrastructure Technologies - Framework for Success

This white paper provides the insights of authors who are infrastructure specialists and thought leaders. They are using virtualization to centralize desktop management and serve as a platform for disaster recovery plans. Yes, virtualization can make a firm secure, efficient and can save money...


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2009 September - Practice Management - A Perfect Alignment

The expanding field of practice management has focused on integration and consolidation of technologies across departments as well as creating economies of scale in global practices. The current economic environment has made practice managers of us all. This white paper offers ideas to inspire...