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Volunteer Opportunity
Strategic Business Partner Team Member - iManage

ROLE: A Strategic Business Partner Team Member (SBPTM) is part of a team responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with key Strategic Business Partners (SBP) in the legal space. As part of the team, the SBPTM will work with the team leader the, Strategic Partner Liaison ...

 03-01-2020  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)

Volunteer Opportunity
Strategic Relationship Liaison for iManage

Summary The responsibility of the Strategic Relationship Liaison (SRL) is to develop and maintain a strong relationship with their assigned key strategic vendor by providing effective, regular communications between the key strategic vendor, volunteer leaders, the association and its membership...

 01-11-2019  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)

Blog Entry
Tip of the Week - Great Tip For iManage Folks!

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find a document because someone said “Oh I just worked on it” but they didn’t give you a link or a number? Then you can’t find it because it turns out it was created by someone who isn’t here anymore or is authored to a different person than you thought it...

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Blog Entry
Quoth the RAVN: How iManage’s RAVN Acquisition Will Affect the Legal Market

The document management, search and AI spaces have seen accelerated activity and innovation over the past two years. iManage’s acquisition of RAVN , announced May 24, 2017, brings these three streams together. Integrating all three categories into a single product likely will have a...

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Blog Entry
Moving to the Cloud – Migration Tools and Considerations for the iManage Cloud

Moving can be one of life’s most exciting – and stressful – events. As moving a to new home is a challenging part of your personal life, moving to a new DMS is a challenging part of your professional life, especially when that DMS is in the Cloud. How can we reduce the...

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Blog Entry
Phoenix Monitor Vendor Product Briefing Recap

Summary provided by Graham Haldane, Phoenix Business Solutions, LTD. The slides from the presentation can be viewed HERE . Phoenix Monitor is the industry leader for monitoring the HP WorkSite suite of applications. It provides 360 degree coverage for all facets of the WorkSite solution...

Library Entry
2014 April - Enterprise Content Management - Guiding Growth and Harvesting Value

Enterprise content management: The phrase suggests that you can manage the content that sprouts relentlessly throughout your firm or law department. But can you? If your role has you working on technologies or business processes that touch on the storage, search or extraction of content, you...

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Library Entry
2006-11 November - Convergence of DM and RM - Building a Better Mousetrap

We have records, so we need to have records management. We have documents, so we need to have document management. And in the wake of so much electronic content, defining where content should reside is difficult. Firms and law departments need to determine what constitutes a record. After that...