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2017-08 August - Knowledge Management: From Practical to Conceptual 

08-08-2017 06:39

​Amidst all the talk of innovation, disruption and transformation in the practice of law, we wanted to find out what knowledge management (KM) professionals are spending their time working on and thinking about these days. As the unifying theme for this year’s annual KM white paper, we challenged the KM community to discuss exceptionally good ideas worth considering.  Before we delve into the ideas our authors submitted, we start with a summary and the full results of our 2016 ILTA KM Survey. 

To read a specific article, please click on the linked articles in the Table of Contents. To access the full White Paper, please click on the image or link at the bottom of the page.

Table of Contents 

A Decade of Data: 2016 ILTA KM Survey Results
by: Ginevra Saylor

Are You Your Vendor’s Captive? How To Optimize Your Research Dollars
by: Oz Benamram and Kathy Skinner

Expertise Location and Social Collaboration: Three Case Studies on a Winning Formula
by: Vishal Agnihotri, Gail Bergmiller, Dora Tynes and Ramin Vosough

Developing a Document Assembly Platform That Works
by: Patrick Dundas

KM in a Time of Innovation
by: Shengshi Zhao

Let’s Stop with the Robot-Lawyer Memes
by: Scott Rechtschaffen

Training, KM and Performance Support: Delivering Knowledge to Users While They Work
by: Oliver Lash-Williams

Modern KM Is Automatic: Keep the Humans, Just Automate the Knowledge
by: Phil Ayton

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10-23-2017 11:46

I was going through the 2016 KM Survey Results in this paper and noticed the colors on a few of the charts seem wrong (or maybe I've lost the ability to interpret charts).  So far the circle charts that stick out to me as off are on pg. 9 (How many offices does your organization have?) and pg. 23 (If your organization uses wikis and blogs, for what purposes are they used?).  For both of them the biggest pie piece does not match the color next to the biggest number in the key.  Are these charts available with the correct colors somewhere?

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