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2019 (Spring) Peer to Peer: Forward Thinking Approach 

03-28-2019 11:30

Spring has Sprung! The Spring 2019 issue of Peer to Peer contains over a dozen new articles, a feature on ILTA Servant Leadership, an additional 4 podcasts, 4 columns, SME and partner advice for members, ILTA event listings, and BP and member updates. There’s something here for every technologist!

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Table of Contents

Artificial Intelligence for Email Management by Maks Agamir

Search is Dead. Long Live Insights by David Cunningham and Gwen Watson

Lawyering in Your Sleep by Jason Dirkx and Amy Monaghan

Better Decision Making with an Operational Data Store by Mark Gerow with Jon Metcalf, Onur Tezic, Padmini Gorty, and Teja Poduri

Information Governance ANZ by Matthew Golab

Until the AI Revolution Disrupts Timekeeping, Make the Most of Phase Codes by Aileen Leventon and Jenny Anne Horst-Martz

Prosperoware CAM Cloud Management Platform Orchestrates Data by Mark Manoukian

Getting a Seat at the Table by Isodore Okoro

The Vendor Product Evaluation and Selection Process by Caitlin Peters

DLP: Protecting You From Yourself by Brian Podolsky

Legal Process Improvement Through Lean by Lourdes M. Slater

Expert Perspective: Remote Working in IP Prosecution Practices 

From An SME Perspective: Standing Strong in a World of Technology Sea Change

Asking the Right Questions

The Evolving Seat at the Technology Table by Bradelynn Boyce-Dendy

Blood from a Stone - How to Get Value from Legacy Applications: Part 2 by Brownie Davis

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