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2019 (Summer - Part 1) Peer to Peer: New Business Perspectives: Finding Innovative Solutions 

06-28-2019 10:38

For the first time ever, ILTA has taken its quarterly magazine and split an issue: there was too much great, tangible content to share with our greater ILTA-family!

For Part 1, this Business Partner-focused issue will tackle new and emerging BP-related trends, concerns, and some of the intricate problems faced in the corporate world. The issue will have a strong mix of articles and case-studies that address the complex needs of this section of ILTA constituency and will offer real-world tech solutions and innovations.

To access the full publication, please click on the image or link at the bottom of the page.

Table of Contents

The Very Real Promise of Artificial Intelligence to Recapture Lost Billable Revenue by Ryan Steadman

How Law Firms are Falling Behind in the War for Talent  by Tanya Lord

3 Drivers of Big Changes in Legal: Security, Data Privacy, and Ethics by Kenny Leckie

Leveraging Service Providers to Power Internal Sales by Virginia Griffith, Esq.

Future-Proof a Law Firm With Process Improvement by Tom MacDonald

We Expect More… AI Promise Meets Reality by TJ Johnson, Brad Blickstein, and Brent Melson

Legal Regulator and Membership Body by Martina Ludvigova

3 Tasks Your Firm Couldn’t Handle Before Practical AI by Peter Wallqvist

Abide by the Basics of Forensics in an Increasingly Complex Digital World  by Hope Swancy-Haslam

What is “Innovation as a Service” and When Is It Right for My Firm? by Arup Das

Lessons From Failed Innovation Projects  by Ben Wynne-Simmons

The Hybrid Cloud Makes Sense for Law Firms by Beth Thompson

Asking the Right Questions: Engaging Gen Z and Millennials in Legal Tech by TJ Johnson

The Evolving Seat at the Technology Table: Encouragers, Teachers and Mentors, Oh My! by Bradelynn Boyce-Dendy

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