An Introduction to Competitive Intelligence in Law Firms 

11-07-2018 15:23

Join us for a three-part webinar series exploring competitive intelligence (CI) in law firms. In the first session, we will explore why CI is needed and how to get started. In the second session, we'll look at how CI is a collaborative effort between marketing, BD, KM, library and IT. Finally, we'll wrap up with cool tools for CI in the third session. Learn from industry experts across North America on how and why CI is critical to law firm success.

Competitive intelligence is a growing discipline in law firms that involves gathering information and turning it into insights that serve two main purposes: to help organizations compete more effectively by knowing what their peers and clients are doing, and to enable firms to be strategic by staying ahead of trends in the legal industry and challenges clients are facing.

In this first webinar, we'll outline the key components of a competitive intelligence program, why it's more important than ever in the legal industry, its strategic goals, and how it differs from but supports marketing, business development and business intelligence efforts. A CI maturity model will also show how efforts generally begin small and become increasingly sophisticated as resources and expertise expand to meet increasing demand.

Zena Applebaum is the Director, Professional Firm & Corporate Segments with Thomson Reuters in Canada.

Recorded on 11-7-18


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