Face Your Fears: Embracing Change in the Legal Environment

08-31-2016 16:04

Many legal professionals have expressed fear in the face of an uncertain and tumultuous industry especially when it comes to advanced technology. The legal technology news forums/blogs and professional trade journals are declaring the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the wave of the future for the legal professional. That prediction is resulting in fostering apprehension, uncertainty, and misunderstanding for some legal professionals as they infer the pending doom & gloom surrounding the changing landscape of the law office/corporate legal department and AI’s potential impact on their roles in the new environment.  Without a doubt, the new technology era referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and which encompasses AI, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Chat Bots, and Robots is truly exciting for some legal professionals while breeding increasing levels of anxiety for others.  Join us for an interesting perspective on how legal professionals will be able to embrace and leverage the anticipated changes resulting from the AI technologies that are already in place and looming on the horizon instead of fearing the demise of the practicing legal professional!


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