Leadership at Its Best (Sharon Swartworth Leadership Development Seminar) 

08-30-2016 15:44

It’s time to talk about leading through change. Brigadier General LeAnne Burch (retired) will look at the profile and qualities of a great leader in terms of position, ranks and actions, and the concept of modeling vs. mentoring. She will discuss strategies in the battlefield — assessing the battlefield, the troops and how training affects success. How can you use these qualities and strategies in the legal environment? Let's discuss embracing change, recognizing future leaders and capitalizing on their initiative, and why mentorship is such a big deal.

In Honor of Sharon Swartworth
Chief Warrant Officer Five Sharon T. Swartworth (deceased) was a soldier, a legal administrator and a committed ILTA volunteer leader — the embodiment of a leader in all aspects of her life. In an article published just after her death, and Army leader said, "What people recognized in Sharon was her ability to develop a vision for an organization and, more important, to implement that vision through persistence, toughness and tenacity. ... Without Sharon's leadership, these changes have slowed, but her vision and drive were unmistakable, and these changes are being carried out by others."


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