Leadership Through the Colored Looking Glass: How to Motivate and Elevate Your Team 

08-16-2017 12:48

Get out your crayons, put on your colored lenses and prepare to meet people where they are. In this highly interactive session, participants will complete a leadership assessment and hear about four unique and colorful styles people display in their work attitudes and behaviors. Learn to boost team morale, improve employee performance and communicate, motivate and elevate others. Change begins with you and the colored looking glass.


  • Understand your own tendencies for communication and leadership
  • Learn how to motivate and communicate with people in a way that elicits positive results
  • Identify and diffuse employee stress



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08-23-2017 12:50

Hi everybody,
I've had several people reach out in the last couple of days letting me know that the slides to the session never made it to the site. 
If you are still looking/waiting for the slides to download, please know that ILTA is working on it and hopes to have them posted end of this week. In the meantime, feel free to email me directly at and I'll send you the PDF.  If you just want a glimpse of some of the key visuals while you wait, you'll find them in this blog post

Brianna Leung

08-22-2017 11:27

Any update on where the slides are for this event? Thanks

08-21-2017 20:13

When will the slides be posted for this event?  Thanks

08-16-2017 16:59

I understood from the presentation that the slides would be available after the session. Can you let me know when they are posted? Thanks

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