Serving Up Tools Clients Really Want 

08-23-2018 14:52

Firms need to innovate and leverage technology to stay competitive in today’s legal market – there is no doubt about that. Clients often ask for a lot when it comes to technology, and firms will bend over backwards to offer all of the latest and greatest, from extranets and AIs to dashboards and more. But are clients interested in every bit of legal technology available? And will the tools offered really help them? In this session, hear from thought leaders in firm innovation and client service as they discuss what really matters most to clients, how firms and clients can combine forces to identify the best solutions, and what firms need to do to provide consistently excellent service across the board.  You might walk away saying, ""I didn't know clients felt that way!""


  • Learn which technologies matter most to clients.
  • Hear case studies of firms and clients partnering to create the tools and solutions clients really need.
  • Discover the tools that create sticky relationships and have a real impact on the client relationship.



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