Technology-Centric Experience and Proposal Management 

11-14-2018 10:23

The implementation of the perfect experience database and proposal automation solution is a delicate dance between business rules driven by the marketing/business development team and data integration and functionality driven by the technology department. Yet, technology teams are often not included early enough (if at all) to make a meaningful impact on these projects. And given how business-critical these products are, successful implementation is absolutely critical.

In this session, two industry veterans will share:

  • Components of ILTA's recent Marketing Technology survey and how they relate to a successful experience/proposal product implementation
  • How marketing technologists can take best practice trends and turn them into must-have functional components for law firm proposal automation and experience management
  • A fail-safe proposal process and timeline from start to finish, and how firms should be creating and using technology to drive success
  • Where business development teams often stumble in proposal automation and experience management, and how marketing technologists can lead the way to a higher win rate

Cindy Thurston Bare - Vice President of Consulting and Developer of Foundation Experience Management, Foundation Software Group
Keith Wewe - Vice President of Strategy and Solutions, Content Pilot

Recorded on 11-13-18


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