Why Isn't Document Assembly Transforming the Practice of Law? 

08-16-2017 11:58

Document assembly is a powerful tool that has been around for decades. In the consumer sector, it is transforming the delivery of legal services through entities like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer. It could be one of the foremost opportunities for streamlining practices and meeting client demands for more efficient operations, but where is document assembly in Big Law? Despite ample new tools making document assembly easier than ever, most documents produced by firms are still turned out the old-fashioned way. What can we do about that? Come learn best practices developed by law firms tackling document assembly and what strategies can be developed to gain traction with this powerful tool.


  • See examples of document assembly projects that worked for law firms
  • Learn strategies for rolling out document assembly initiatives
  • Identify pitfalls for document assembly projects
  • Receive a sample spreadsheet to measure return on investment on document assembly projects


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