Women Who Lead: Leading by Example: Balancing 'Always On' and How to Turn It Off 

08-21-2019 13:07

Balancing work commitments and life commitments can be challenging. The panel will share their thoughts, experiences and approaches to addressing “Work Life Boundaries” within the legal arena.

We will explore topics such as:

  • We have a tendency to be “always on” and accessible - how much of this is required vs our addiction to being needed?
  • Advances in technology allows us to sometimes be too easily accessible (cell phones, remote at home technology, Apple Watch, etc.). How do we manage these vs letting them manage us?
  • How does accessibility impact time with family and friends…..and at what cost?
  • As leaders, how can we make adjustments from balancing ‘Always On’ and arrive to a solution of “ How to Turn It Off”
  • How do we manage these issues for ourselves and as leaders

Speaker(s): @Michele Gossmeyer @Melanie Prevost @Brianna Leung  @Tanya Kennedy 


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