Teleforum: Develop a Records and IG Plan for Defensible Disposition of E-Docs

When:  Mar 2, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)

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  8:00 pm GMT
  3:00 pm EST
  2:00 pm CST
  1:00 pm MST
12:00 pm PST

Develop a Records and IG Plan for Defensible Disposition of E-Docs

Firms are just beginning to grasp the magnitude of having too much electronic information clogging the digital pipeline. Mercifully, the law is now trending toward easing this burden with the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Our expert panelists will provide a cogent strategy to manage all forms of electronic documents according to a predetermined and well-thought-out records retention policy, and give you a framework for making defensible decisions to manage and dispose of records and information consistently and cohesively. In this teleforum, we'll also ask for your contributions to the conversation around topics that may include:

  • IG, data management and records management plans and policies
  • Identify official archives (documents and email)
  • Cloud collaboration and archiving
  • Retention of email in the inbox and the official archive
  • Do you have other archive databases? How long do you keep it?
  • Developing a standard of practice
  • Eliminating local archives/getting buy-in
  • Defensible deletion
  • Certificates of destruction for digital documents
  • Retention based on area of law and how to set the retention schedule
  • Different records to consider
  • Effectiveness in implementation
  • Retention committees
  • Legal holds

The success of the teleforum will rely heavily upon your input so please come prepared to participate and share your thoughts, ideas and challenges.

Alexander Campbell
is the Records Manager at Cohen & Gresser, LLP in New York City. He holds a Masters in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University and a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership from Fordham University. Alexander can be contacted at and followed on Twitter @infogovguy.

Jim Merrifield is the Information Governance Manager at Robinson+Cole LLP and co-founder of InfoGovCon, the first conference focused exclusively on information governance. He is a respected advisor in the IG community and an active member of several industry associations including ILTA, IAPP and ARMA. Jim's IG experience includes deployment of enterprise programs, policy development and enforcement, creation of disposition programs and technology solution evaluation. He is a certified information governance professional and has provided consulting services to law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Jim's writing has appeared in numerous publications and he speaks frequently on IG and data privacy issues. Contact him at, connect with him on Linkedin and follow his blog posts on R+C Data Privacy & Security Insider and TechTarget.

Jeffrey Richards is the Director of Information Technology at Wendel Rosen in downtown Oakland. He is currently working on implementation of an IG plan and automation of new business procedures for better auditing, disposition and control mechanisms. Jeffrey also manages the electronic security plan for the firm and actively fights off cyber villains. Prior to joining the firm, he was the senior consulting engineer at Volant Consulting, a firm that delivers technology solutions and services to a diverse array of businesses. Jeffrey is a member of the Relationship Coordinating Team and is the East Bay Area Member Liaison for the International Legal Technology Association. He can be contacted at

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