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2012 Technology Survey

We’ve published in Acrobat this year, optimizing the format for your tablet, laptop and desktop screens.

When you access the PDF file for the first time, it will take a few minutes to open, as it is quite large. After it opens in your Web browser, you are advised to save it and view it locally in Acrobat. You’ll find easily accessible information at your fingertips. We’ve built in a feature that allows you to toggle between the aggregate data graphs and charts by firm size. While the format is definitely not designed to print in its entirety, please know that you can use the Adobe tools to assist in sizing the publication for optimal viewing, searching, navigating and printing.

This publication provides timely, relevant data from almost 500 ILTA law firms; it trends data across four years; it’s undergone a rigorous review and editorial process; and I’m hopeful the content is of great value to you.

It has been an extremely busy year since our last survey, and there appears to be no end in sight to the pressure that economic forces exert on the legal marketplace. We are seeing it just as clearly in other aspects of law firm administration, and this pressure is evident throughout the business itself: Expenses continue to rise as revenue gets increasingly challenging to grow.  

Even though we continue to be pressed to do more with less, our member firms continue to contribute generously to this survey and to this great collective resource known as ILTA. We would like to thank again all who contributed their valuable time and experience to this endeavor and trust that you will continue to use this survey only as a data point in your technology governance.  This survey is peer-powered, and therefore produced with both passion and precision.

We gratefully acknowledge the always impressive work of Todd Corham, Chief Information Officer at Sedgwick LLP, who has led this herculean effort for several years. Todd has a talent for analysis of statistical information supported by an equal talent for writing a strong story that paints a clear picture of data. Our Technology Survey Team benefited this year from the skills of Jim McCue, Information Systems Manager at Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, P.A. With the strong support of ILTA’s staff team, comprising IT Director Clay Gibney, Senior Systems Analyst Philip Graybeal, graphics gurus Kendall Lazorchak and Julia Schwarz, and editor Kristy Cole, we’ve got a monster of a report awaiting your review.