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"What I love most about ILTA is that it’s all about connections and sharing. It’s an organization whose members want to see each other succeed. You can be anywhere in the world and get the 'full experience.' I’ve been a member for only 15 months, but I have been able to engage quite a bit with the ILTA community, both for personal development and for helping my firm make important decisions regarding legal technology. I’m genuinely grateful for how ILTA transformed my life."


Bárbara Gondim da Rocha

ILTA Member and Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation at Rocha Marinho E Sales, Advogados


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Any individual (not operating in a sales capacity) who is a consultant, expert, or specialist in legal technology may apply for Industry Participant status to gain access to ILTA member benefits. See the Requirements and Privileges here.

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ILTA membership gives you access to legal professionals with varying core focuses and perspectives. Being a part of ILTA means you’ll have opportunities to learn, grow, and advance in your career over time with help from others along the way. ILTA is a community of subject matter experts and thought leaders that collaborate, share knowledge, and creatively solve problems. ILTA membership gives you so much more than just content at your fingertips.

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"ILTA is all about sector-specific learning. It provides content that is curated by industry peers and made available via, virtual events and in-person meetings; networks that operate locally and globally across law firms and corporate legal departments; and a wide range of volunteering roles that enable team members to learn from experiences they don’t get in their day jobs."


Andrew Powell

ILTA Member and Chief Information Officer at Macfarlanes LLP

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