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International Legal Technology Association

About ILTA


ILTA is Peer Powered!

ILTA is a volunteer-led, staff-managed association with a focus on premiership. We aim to educate you and connect you with your peers to support your work in the legal sector. While we have a strong focus on technology, our offerings support professionals of every stripe in law firms and corporate/government legal operations.

Did You Know?

Once your organization is a member of ILTA, anyone on your team can create an ILTA Login and start accessing ILTA resources too. All your colleague needs to do is click the “Sign In/Register” button, select the “Create an Online Account” button, and use their organization-affiliated email address to create their login.

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Who are ILTA's members?

ILTA's international membership comprises firms and law departments of all sizes and all areas of practice, each sharing a common need to have access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession worldwide. We are entity-based, so that any employee of a member organization can participate at no additional cost.

What does ILTA do?

ILTA has a strong reputation for delivering relevant, peer-developed programming to its constituents around the globe. Our history is a success story built on the capable volunteer leadership from our member law firms and corporate/government legal departments. The expertise and real-world experiences shared by our community provide ongoing learning and support for every professional who works in the legal sector.

Beyond the knowledge that you’ll acquire through educational programming, publications and knowledge-sharing communities, we believe the greatest benefit ILTA brings its members is the opportunity to establish peer connections that will provide a lifetime of support. Our “been there, done that” approach allows us to bridge your needs with a global support network to assist you now and in the future.

Our Core Values

  • Foster a trusted resource community
  • Provide relevant, timely, and accurate information
  • Nurture skills and talents to promote professional development and success
  • Embrace and encourage volunteerism
  • Respect our colleagues
  • Commit to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism
  • Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the ILTA community

How is ILTA organized?

ILTA was founded in 1980 and was first incorporated in 1985. It is currently incorporated in Texas, with the home office located in Chicago, IL, and is designated as a 501(c)(6) organization (nonprofit) by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

We are governed by a seven-member Board of Directors and supported by a professional staff. Many volunteer leadership positions provide the thought leadership, program development agenda and program deliverables that make us “peer-powered.”

Who are ILTA's members?

Entity Type (1,184 total)
Type Number
Law Firms 1,066
Other 24
Government/Judicial 27
Corporate Law Departments 71





Entity Size
Number of Attorneys Number
Under 25 201
25-99 497
100-499 344
500-749 59
750 or More 83


42% 25-99 ATTORNEYS

29% 100-499 ATTORNEYS

5% 500-749 ATTORNEYS


By Country
Country Number
United States 1,013
Canada 76
Europe 60
Australia 18
Other 2

86% U.S.


5% UK


< 1% OTHER


Board of Directors

Role Archetype: Steward

Our Board of Directors are the fiduciaries who steer the organization toward a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies; they ensure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission.

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Program Planning Council

Role Archetype: Strategist

The Program Planning Council comprises subject-matter experts in various areas, representatives from our conference planning teams and representatives who focus on our law firm and law department members’ needs at local, regional and international levels. They collaborate to develop an overarching programming framework that serves all sectors of ILTA’s membership.

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Content Coordinating Teams

Role Archetype: Coordinator

A Coordinating Team reviews the specific areas of focus, target audiences, scope of deliverables and topics assigned to them by the Program Planning Council. The team develops a list of specific deliverables to be executed by Project Teams.

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Talent Council

Role Archetype: Cultivator

The Talent Council is a standing committee tasked with the on-going development of leaders within the organization through programming, coaching and mentoring efforts aimed at helping individuals develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to serve as an effective leader and, if applicable, Board member. During the biennial election process, the Talent Council solicits nominations, vets all potential candidates, and prepares for the Board its recommended slate of seven individuals and their roles.

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Conference Planning Committee

Role Archetype: Curriculum Developer

Conference Planning Committee members work as part of a team to develop the educational program for our major conferences. They are guided by the goals and framework established for each event.

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International Programming Team

Role Archetype: Strategist

The International Programming Team comprises subject matter experts in various areas, representatives from our volunteer planning teams, and professionals who focus on our law firm and law department members’ needs at local, regional and international levels. Their mission is to develop and implement a strategy to promote and serve the current and potential international membership, creating internationally-centric content and communities, and assisting in achieving content and membership goals.

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Volunteer Leadership Task Force

Role Archetype: Infrastructure

The Volunteer Leadership Task Force is a committee with the following goals: the volunteer leadership structure supports ILTA's being a member-run organization, strongly supported by staff; volunteer selection processes are, fair, position-appropriate and result in a broad diversity of members in leadership roles; volunteers' skills are strongly aligned to the appropriate volunteer leadership roles, and volunteers interested in leadership roles have and understand the path to develop or align the necessary skills to available roles.

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LegalSEC Steering Committee

Role Archetype: Infrastructure

The LegalSEC Steering Committee is responsible for outlining the goals of and identifying deliverables for the LegalSEC initiative, using the content coordinating teams and the LegalSEC Council members on a per-project basis.

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Strategic Partner Liaisons

Role Archetype: Partner

In their work with our strategic vendors, our Strategic Partner Liaisons advocate for our members when issues arise with products; they facilitate vendor connections to support educational and product programming; they provide feedback from our members in future product/service development; and they ensure that ILTA is involved in standard-setting initiatives.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Role Archetype: Infrastructure

ILTA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion groups are volunteer-led communities formed around a common interest, belief, bond or background. These are groups and segments of the ILTA community designated to enhance professional development opportunities within the overall ILTA programming, including conference education, local meetings, virtual activities, mentoring programs and online and in-person networking.

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Member Liaisons

Role Archetype: Advocate

Member Liaisons provide and enhance value to our law firm and law department members by focusing on all ILTA opportunities for member relationships, education and collaboration. Member Liaisons are charged with assisting members with building relationships with each other and the organization, and to act as an advocate on behalf of the membership to the organization.

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Project Team Members

Role Archetype: Doer

Project Teams will be assembled as needs arise. Some project teams will have a singular focus and dissolve once their deliverable is complete, while others may be scoped to extend over a longer period with multiple goals. We align specific project needs with talent and expertise.

myMentor Committee

Role Archetype: Advisor

The myMentor Committee is responsible for developing and facilitating the ILTA myMentor pilot program. The pilot program will bring together members, business partners, and participants for one on one mentoring activities focused on professional growth, communication skills, diversity, emotional leadership, reflective analysis, and empowerment.

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